ReactJS.NET 2.0 - Babel and React 0.14

October 17, 2015 by Daniel Lo Nigro

I'm happy to announce the release of ReactJS.NET 2.0! The major change in this release is the switch from JSXTransformer to Babel for transformation of JavaScript files. JSXTransformer is now deprecated, and Babel supports many more ES6 features than JSXTransformer did (see the Babel site for a full list). Additionally, syntax error messages are now more detailed and display the correct file name and line number.

Full list of changes:

  • #138 - Use Babel to transform JavaScript files.
  • #171 - Updated ASP.NET 5 integration to support Beta 8.
  • #164 - Upgraded to React 0.14.
  • By default, only handle *.jsx files in ASP.NET 5 and OWIN middleware. You can modify the Extensions setting in BabelFileOptions to change this behaviour.

Under the hood:

  • #168 - Everything relating to JSX transformer has been renamed to Babel (eg. IJsxTransformer is now IBabel).
  • Renamed React assembly to React.Core. The NuGet package has been called "React.Core" forever, but the corresponding assembly name didn't match, resulting in confusion.
  • Deprecated IReactEnvironment.TransformJsxFile and IReactEnvironment.TransformJsx have finally been removed. These methods have been obsolete since ReactJS.NET 0.2.

Have fun, and as always, please feel free to send feedback or bug reports on GitHub.

— Daniel