ReactJS.NET 1.3 - Faster server-side rendering and Flow

November 30, 2014 by Daniel Lo Nigro

Hot on the heels of ReactJS.NET 1.2, I'm happy to announce the release of ReactJS.NET 1.3! This release significantly improves the performance of server-side rendering by pooling and reusing JavaScript engines rather than creating a new one on every request. Pooling of JavaScript engines is turned on by default but it can be disabled in your site's configuration (usually ReactConfig.cs) to revert back to the classic behaviour. This is still experimental, so please let me know if it works well for you!

This release also adds support for stripping out Flow type annotations from your code. Flow is a new open-source static type checker for JavaScript, recently released by Facebook. It adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality. You can learn more about Flow in its release announcement. Support for Flow is disabled by default but can be enabled in your site's configuration.

Other changes:

  • Harmony (ES6) transformations are enabled by default. They can be disabled in your site's configuration.
  • The Cassette integration now transforms all files in the bundle, not just *.jsx files. (#52)

Have fun, and as always, please feel free to send feedback or bug reports on GitHub.

— Daniel