ReactJS.NET 0.2 - MSBuild and Linux Support

April 16, 2014 by Daniel Lo Nigro

I'm happy to announce the release of ReactJS.NET 0.2! This is a minor release and adds a number of new features:

  • Precompilation of JSX files via MSBuild
  • Partial Linux (Mono) support. Server-side component rendering is supported, but JSX compilation is not yet supported. To use JSX on Mono, you will need to precompile your JSX files via MSBuild.
  • Cassette MSBuild support - Bundle and minify your JavaScript before deployment to improve performance

Internal technical changes:

  • React core no longer depends on System.Web, for easier use outside of an ASP.NET context (eg. in a command-line or OWIN application)
  • JSX transformation split from IReactEnvironment into new IJsxTransformer interface. The previous IReactEnvironment.LoadJsxFile and IReactEnvironment.TransformJsx methods have been marked as obsolete, please use IReactEnvironment.JsxTransformer.TransformJsxFile instead.

Have fun, and as always, please feel free to send feedback or bug reports on GitHub.

— Daniel